South Olé Sails Clubs

Without a Captain!

If you have your "licencia de navegación", you can use the South Olé Sails' Quicksilver 555 motorboat on your own for a monthly rate.
Our motorboat club lets members use the boat by themselves without a captain. How does it work?


  • Have a "licencia de navegación" or other Spanish sailing license
  • €300 club registration fee
  • Commitment of the duration chosen
  • €500 safety deposit refundable at the end of the contract


For a great price you can take our Quicksilver 55 out 3 times each month for 4 hours. 

  • 1 month - €500/month
  • 2 months - €400/month
  • 3 months - €350/month
  • 4 months - €300/month
  • 5 months - €280/month
  • 6 months - €250/month


  • If you were unable to use the 3 outings in one month, you can spread them over a 3 month period.
  • The chosen months can be used in a one-year period as long as no month is repeated.
  • Outings are non-transferable to anyone who is not the registered club member, even if they are family or friends.
  • The boat must always return to the base port at the end of the outing (Puerto Deportivo de Estepona, pier 4)
  • Fuel is not included. Club members must return the boat with the fuel tank full.